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Little Blue Truck

Jack: Hello, there! I’m Jack.

Belle: And this is Belle!

Jack: We’re here to review children’s books for Miss Mary. When she finds a new book, it’s our job to decide if it’s good enough for her collection!

Belle: Today we’re doing a review on Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle. It’s one of Miss Mary’s favorites.

Jack: Of course it is. Have you read that book? It’s great! I can’t believe the rhymes fit together so well.

Belle: Not to mention the art is top notch. That’s my favorite part.

Jack: But we can’t just focus on the fun parts. There’s a lot to learn with this book as well. It really highlights animal sounds and matching the animal up with what it says. The only downside is there aren’t any cats. We say “meow” by the way.

Belle: Oh, Jack…

Jack: What? It’s important. Cats are the clearly the best animal out there.

Belle: Whatever you say, Jack. Miss Mary’s favorite part of the book is the lesson behind it. The book talks about how being nice to others will get you a lot further than if you are rude. Even if you’re busy, you should take the time to give other people respect.

Jack: It’s a lesson Alice Schertle takes through to the second book in her series, Little Blue Truck Leads the Way.

Belle: All in all, we say it’s a book that’s well worth the read… even if it doesn’t have any cats in it.

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