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Lost My Name

Jack: Welcome back to Jack and Belle’s Book Reviews!

Belle: We’ve got a really fun book for you guys today. Each copy is made just for the little boy or girl who is reading it. The Little Boy or Girl Who Lost Their Name is a project started by the Lost My Name group.

Jack: It’s actually really cool. All you have to do is go to their website,, and you can build a book just for you!

Belle: It’s very simple. The book comes with a basic format and you give the company your name. Each letter is then made into a page for the adventure. That means that even if one of your friends gets the book, too, theirs will be completely different.

Jack: The best part is how well all of the pages fit together. A lot of thought had to go into these books to make them happen.

Belle: I know Miss Mary was very impressed.

Jack: Who could blame her? These books have dragons and spaceships and all sorts of things. I’m asking for one for my birthday this year.

Belle: Maybe you should ask for one with the whole alphabet so you can get every option.

Jack: I would, but it’d be so much cooler with my name. I just wish they had a cat option instead of just girls and boys.

Belle: Of course you do. Well, that’s it for this review. Until next time!

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